today was new year yesterday we went to my aunt's house and played shan u bang it was annoying .the kids kept putting out the fire.after we finished playing them we went to my dad's uncle's house to sleep we slept at the 3rd floor .when I woke up I went to play computer I played ninja saga it was a naruto game .I was level 7 I recruited my sister because she was level 6 also I recruited hubert level 5 .then we went to a person's house they were a freind of my dad I think. I got to play a swordgame it was cool .like :triple kill. thenwe went to a restruant to eat the food was good lettuce rice fried shimp and fish then we went to hsinchu and my dad drove my grandma to zhong li. hen we slept the next morning i fust slept until my mom came back then my dad let me use the computer i watched naruto movie 3 gaurdians of the cresent moon island. it was funny.then my dad told me to do a blog and then continue to watch it so I made a blog


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