today I also gad to go to that science camp today was better than
last time it was more of a chalenge .we had to try figure out how
to make a 12 cm.long 12 cm.wide square with a 16 cm.long 9cm.
wide rectangle by only cutting it as much as you want but you can
only have 2 pieces and you have to use both my sister found out
how to but I was the one that let her use mine. after that we had
lunch because we took a long time today we had cassrole and
clam chowder it was good exept I found out that I ate squid and
Idon't like to eat squid today we watched avatar it was cool.
we watched  avatar while we were eating. after we ate we did a
complicated thing you had to try getting in a house ,but it has a
moat that was 5 meters long and you had 2 poles that were 4.9 m.
long someone found out first after we did that we went out and
played dodgeball 1-1 it was a tiethen jerry's mom drove us home
to my dad's office and mom drove us home.


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