A few hours ago, I was at prom. Normally Prom would all be about the dancing and having fun with your date, but it wasn’t to be in mine’s. For starters, my prom date was Sunny, who was dragging me off to dance awkwardly on the stage and shoving me into photos with her. All this combined with me being forced to wear a tuxedo, was not a pleasant experience. So I spent the first few hours in Lakeshore Hotel, the location of prom, I spent the beginning hours stuffing myself full of food. The very first thing I did when I got to the tables was to shovel as many foods onto my plate. Mostly I took fried rice, sausages, fried chicken, fried potatoes(not french fries apparently), lettuce, and a lot of drinks. After my plate was full, I began pigging out at my table. I had scarfed through 2 plates worth of food until someone in the table actually bothered talking.

Our table consisted of Jacky, Berry, Matthias, Phoebe(10th grader, rest of us are 9th), John, Vannesa, Ninnie, Sunny and I. The moment Matthias left to get food, Jacky leaned in to ask completely random questions. Most of them were harmless question, but eventually it got to the point where he began asking personal questions such as “On the scale of one to ten, how hot is your prom date?” It was very awkward because after a few moments of laughing, Matthias came back and began questioning why we were laughing. It took us a few minutes to convince him it was nothing.

The rest of the dinner was rather uneventful, with me going off to get more food every so often. When we finished eating, I had gone through 5 plates of food. Finally, we got to the main part of prom, dancing. I mostly hung out on the edge of the stage, wanting nothing more than to not dance and try not to look lonely at the same time. From time to time, I would sidle outside the room to walk around and get away from the deafening noise of the speakers. Even less occasionally, I would get in the middle of the stage and dance.

In the end, I had danced a grand total of 4 times in the span of 4 hours. I also had my picture taken about 60 times. My eyes were burning after all the pictures because of the flashes biting my eyes. The entire event lasted for 4 and a half hours, but most of it was spent eating and talking. To sum it all up, I pretty much only had dinner in a fancy hotel.




Me and Sunny

Matthias and Phoebe

Jacky and Berry

John and Vanessa

Ninnie was alone


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