World of Warships(WoWS) is another game produced by Wargaming, a russian company that also made the game I play all the time, World of Tanks(WoT). Similar to WoT, WoWS is based off naval combat using 20th century warships, ranging from the early training ships, Katori, to the most heavily armed and armored battleship, the Yamato. The game itself is in closed beta, and it is expected to be open beta in a few months.

The ships are divided into nations, and it is expected that there will be American, Japanese, German, Russian, and British warships eventually. As of now, there are only 2 nations that have more than 3 ships, the American Navy, and the Imperial Japanese Navy. The other nations include Russia(Gremyashchy) and Britain(HMS Warspite). The ships are also divided into classes, which are Destroyers, Cruisers(Heavy Cruisers and Light Cruisers), Battleships, and Aircraft Carriers.

The ships have a sort of rock-paper-scissors game between them. Each class is effective against a different class, and is weak against another class. Destroyers, with their high mobility and torpedoes, will obliterate any Battleship at close range. Battleships will obliterate any type of Cruiser with their heavy armaments and long range. And Cruisers eat Destroyers for breakfast with their good mobility and fast rate of fire, easily tearing apart Destroyers with sheer volume of shells. Carriers are the awkward class. At long ranges(Really long, like about 20km+), they are the undisputed king against any ship, be it Cruisers, Battleships, Destroyers, or even enemy Carriers. But at medium ranges, while still dangerous, are very vulnerable, as they sacrifice a lot of firepower for planes.


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