The MS-1 is a Russian(U.S.S.R) teir 1 tank. A basic tank that you get when you first play the game, it's my favorite teir 1 tank, right up next to the T1 Cunningham. The MS-1 is not a very noob friendly tank with its mere 100 hitpoints(HP), the least of any teir 1 tank. It gets decent armor for a teir 1, capable of bounce a few shells sent its way. Though it must be noted to never rely on the armor, the MS-1 doesnt have a lot of HP if the shells penetrate the armor. The actual thickness of the armor is 18 millimeters(mm) at the front, and 16 on the sides and rear . Frontally however, the effective armor thickness because of sloping and rounding to the armor is arond 20mm of armor. The MS-1 stands out from the other teir 1 tanks because of the overkill penetration. With the 45mm cannon, it get 51mm of penetration, easily enough to rip though any teir 1 tanks armor. The damage is also very good, going up to 45 dmg per shot. The accuracy isn't v ery good, expected for a russian tank. neither is the aimtime very good. The maneuverablilty is slightly below average, with a top speed of 32 kp/h and 34(38 on top tracks) degrees of traverse, coupled with a decent horsepower to ton(HP/T) means it will not be very fast, though it will turn very well. The radio, when first played, has a measly 90 meters signal range, when upgraded, it has 265(A lot of maps it gets has a mimimium of 600 meters by 600 meters to 1km by 1km).

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