Sidescraping is one of the most effective defensive techniques you can use early on. It uses the principles of richochet, angling and cover. To do this, you position your tank against a wall in such a way that only your side and turret cheeks are exposed at a heavy angle, preferably at 65-85 degrees. Then you allow the enemy shoot at either your heavily angled sides or even more angled turret side. Chances are, they'll bounce right off. Then you can pop out and take a shot at them, 2 depending if you are sure you have a better reload, enough to reload before they can by 1 second. However, this only works if the claiber of the gun shooting at you does not exceed 2x your side armor. This is why only heavy tanks will use this technique often. But, if your tank can have at least enough armor to withstand the average caliber of your teir, you can sidescrape. Large tracks also help greatly in sidescraping, especially if the tracks cover up the hull. Tracks count as 20mm of spaced armor and therefore is very useful. But this is only effective if you can repair your tracks fast enough, so the repair skill, a toolbox, or a large repair kit is recommended if you like sidescraping often. You WILL get your tracks blown off often when sidescraping when enemies get frustrated at bouncing and start aiming to immobilize you. In addtion, you need to choose your sidescraping position carefully, you dont want to be hammered by artillery.

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