The basic controls are the standard w,a,s,d keys for traversing and accelerating. W will move the tank and S will reverse the tank. A will make the tank traverse to the left and D will do right. You can also press on two keys(ie:w and d, w and a, s and d, and s and a) to make the tank turn and move in a direction. LMB to fire the main weapon, RMB to autoaim(for people too lazy to aim), scrolling to adjust the view and/or change it into sniper mode. C will reload a magazine clip(if the tank has one), left shift(only for artillery) to change to arty mode(AKA satellite view). 4-6 will select a consumable(med kits repair kits, fire extinguishers). You can also use the 'f' keys to make commands quickly(for example, f5 to say 'Affirmative!', f7 to say 'Help!'), for more you can hold down and z and view the commands(pointing at allies or enemies can give you some more options, pointing at a ally and pressing f4 will say'[name] fall back!'), you can also point at an enemy and press t for requesting fire(most of the time its useless unless thats the only target lighted up). Holding down on Ctrl will give you a mouse and you can move your cursor to the minimap and click to alert your teammates. Pressing the enter key can allow you to chat(simply press enter, type what you want to say, and press enter) you may use tab to toggle around on which chat to chat on(team, all, and sometimes:platoon). All this may sound complicated, but really all you need to know are the wasd keys, and the mouse are the main controls.

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