Tank destroyers, or td's, are usually divided in to assault td's, sniper td's, or ambush td's. Assault td's have decent armor and are meant to be played similarly to a heavy tank. Sniper td's have bad armor, good guns, and above average camoflage. Ambush td's have guns with high alpha damage(lots of damage per shot). Mobility is usually best with ambush or snipers because of their lighter armor. Most tank destroyers have no turrets however, so do get used to being helpless when flanked. Some, like the Hellcat(teir 6 american td) or the waffenträger auf e100(teir 10 german td) have turrets though. Sniper td's are meant to hang back slightly and snipe at mid to long range and not get detected. Thus, the skill:camoflage and perk:6th sense would be helpful on these sort of tanks(to avoid detection and basically minimize the time you can be shot at). Tank destroyers without turrets should go for Clutch Braking and Off Road Driving for the driver to minimize being flanked, as these skills will allow the tank to turn faster. Tank destroyer with high health could also go for adrenaline rush for their loaders(for a little boost in reload speed when nearly dead). Meanwhile, assault td's should usually go for Jack of All Trades, Eagle Eye, Deadeye, or/and repairs to reduce the effecets of losing crew members, and increase module damage while reducing module repair times. Ambush td's could go for Deadeye to increase the chance of dealing module damage. Moving on, snipers have a mian role of sniping enemies at medium to long range and avoid detection, the rhm borsig waffenträger, a teir 8 german td, is a example of a sniper, with an excellent gun, poor armor, and mediocre mobility. Ambush td's go a medium to short range, destroying their enemies with one shot, these high alpha guns usually have long aiming times, reloads, and bad/not very good accuracies. A good example of this is the ISU-152, a Soviet teir 8 td, it has some armor(not much), decent mobility, and a gun that deals 750 average damage. Assault td's have heavy(usually unsloped) armor in the front and should be played(somewhat similarly) as a heavy tank, a good example of an asssault td is the Ferdinand, a german teir 8 td. Its mobility is similar to the german vk 45.02(p) a(basically:bad). It has a decent gun and can take some hits due to its armor(its unsloped so angling it while reloading would be a good idea to me). Also do not that it has a weak lower glacis(most higher teired, more well armored germans have that weakness).

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