Are humans naturally cruel and mercyless? The answer to all of you, is no.
Humans are not bad in nature, it's the outside world's influence that makes
people evil. There are several other reasons to this as well. One is that the
parents can change the child's behavior. Another could be that a person
witnessed a death of some sort.

The outside world can change your behavior by a lot. If someon were to do
something that sticks into the baby's mind, the child may try to emulate the
action. If another child were to be abandoned by their parents, they would
be exposed to the cruel world outside of their, originally, safe bubble called
home much quicker. It could potentially turn them into killers if noone educates
them properly. This is one reason on why humans are not bad.

Secondly, parents can influence a childs emotions and behavior. If a parent
would be a drunk, this might encourage the child into being drunk or, if the
parent would continually beat the child, learn self defence. Said self defence
may lead to them abusing their fighting skills. Also, babies can absorb a lot of
information, meaning if a parent or someone else were to do something bad.
The infant may pick up bad habits like cussing, fighting, or breaking things.
This is another reason on why humans are not evil.

Some people may think some people like terrorists are naturally evil, however
this is incorrect. They had witnessed either their parents dying in front of them
or were rejected by some sort. If this happens, they may want to take their 
revenge. Leading to them being criminals. For example, if you were to look
at Adolf Hitler, he lost a war and was bitter. He wanted for Germany to be
powerful and so he wanted to destroy the other nations for what they had

After hearing all these arguements, I hope you will change your thoughts about
how people are cruel by nature. Its the world's influence that changes them.
They are not natural maniacs that live to kill. They always have a motive to explain
what they are doing. You should not think them as mindless killing machines. You 
should reeducate them and give them a chance.

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