On the second day, it was one of the worst ones ever, come and read it!!





We woke up at 6:00,and ate breakfast which was a piece of bread, and a cup
of tea. First we went to this place where they showed us performances and other
stuff. Then we went walking over to the Childrens Recreation place which was
basically a playground.

 We played a spinning globe which you spin with a lot of people and make them
dizzy, then some of us decided to play Hide and Seek Tag in the middle of the game
it started to rain so we put on our raincoats and went back to our tents to check
if they had flooded. When we checked our tent we found out our tent had flooded
 half of the space so we moved to a different tent to sleep our lunch was a sandwich
and some tea. Then we found another horror, the bathrooms were leaking electricity
and we can't go take a bath.

Due to that we just skipped shower and changed it into buy snack time one of my
tent members asked if i would come with him to buy a snack, which i said ok and
went with him because i had nothing to do. Then we moved to one of the parents
tent and found out that it was big and could fit 8 people. Then we just unrolled our
sleeping bags and played cards and around 10:00 we had to go to sleep because
we were extremely tired and they had only let us go at 9:50. Although some stayed
 up to play cards, they eventually fell asleep


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