Today I got up at about 7:00 because my cousin woke me up.
Then my grandma told me and my cousin to go out to play and
don't go in until it was like 8:00, so me and my cousin played
kick the soccer ball back and forth, back and forth. After a few
minutes we went inside and played this computer game called

stick wars 1.3. Then my mom insisted on going home so we went
home. then my mom went to go cimb a mountain so she left us
at home to do some blogs, meanwhile she told us to go run up
and down the stairs for 20 laps, so my sister and I decided to take
turns meanwhile my sister i taking peeks at my blog every once
and a while.then i cooked some scambled eggs and then after a
hour or so it was my turn so i just did my blog and stuff. then i
just typed stuff and listened to music. then my mom and dad
were going to come home soon so my sister is hurrying to finish
her laps.
she keeps on reminding me and it annoying so goodbye

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