On saturday it was finaly weekend no more pencils no more books no more teachers dirty looks.Anyway
on saturday I went to my grandma's house  and I brought my new remote control helicopter fully charged
and played with it for a long time after that it ran out of electricity and so we had to recharge it.After that
we played with my transformer,bumblebee and optimus prime I was optimus and my cousin,louis,was bu-
mblebee.louis and me played for a long time before we played with the helicopter when it ran out of
electricity we charged it again.The next day during the afternoon we had to go home I said goodbye
to my dog black dragon and went home the next day horrible only study period and stuff?Today was
torture day also known as.........bad day.the scedule was ,study period,humanities,study period, chinese,
lunch,study period, chinese social studies,study period/the only best class.last period was great we got
to play a game your team has one goalie and tries to tag any one who is their opponent and you have to get as much balls as you can youcan only hold one ball at a time and you can steal your opponent's balls ,but
you can't punch ,kick ,or push to get the ball today it was boys against girls boys won by twenty points ,
but at the other game boys lost by one point it was girls to boys twenty one to twenty. Some boys
whined that the girls cheated ,but they didn't we were just a sore loser. After that we were dissmissed
and I went to theplayground and waited for our mom to pick us up while me and my sister were waiting
I played with Kenton ,derrick ,nicholas,and some other third or second graders infinity tag its when everyone
is it and you have to tag other people and if two people tag each other at the same time they have to
rock paper scissors the winner stays alive while the other bends down after that our dad sent my
sister to piano class and took me home to do my blog.

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