The Tiger 1 is a teir 7 German Heavy tank. A famous tank of WW2, this tank was famed for its excellent armor and a devasating gun. Here in World of Tanks, the armor is the same as the real life tiger, 100 mm, and it gets a very good 8.8cm Kwk L/71 gun. The downside is that armor is terrible. 100mm may have been good against T-34s and M4 shermans, but it most certainly isn't very good at holding up against shells from IS(JS) and other teir 7 Heavy tanks. Even teir 6 tanks can rip through its armor with ease, though if angled, some teir 6s struggle to penetrate it. All in all, in World of Tanks, do not play this tank as a tank that has trollish armor with extreme thickness. The armor, however, is very rectangular, so sidescraping with it is quite effective. This tank's 8.8 cm gun is what makes up for the terrible armor. The real life tiger had a L/56 cannon, this one gets a L/71. In German terms, L/71 meant that the gun length was 71 times longer than the caliber of the shell, And the longer the barrel, the better penetration and higher velocity the shells gets. This means the gun on the Tiger 1 is absolutely devastating against the tanks it goes up against. It gets 203mm of penetration on its top gun, with 240 damage per shot and a very good rate of fire. This means the Tiger 1 gets a outstanding 2150 damage per minute(DPM). While this may not sound much compared to some tanks at its teir, the penetration and famed accuracy of German guns ensure that that DPM is the real deal, as it's less likely to bounce or miss the target, doing no damage. The Tiger 1 gets the largest Healthpool at teir 7, standing at a grand total of 1,500 when fully upgraded. This is comparable to teir 8 Heavy tanks, so when under fire, do not be afraid to use your tank to shield others while retreating. Viewrange is a average 380 meters. Mobility is average. The maneuverability isn't the best but its workable, top speed is pretty good for a heavy, and the engine is decent.

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