In World of Tanks, the objective is to kill all enemies or capture the base. Along the way for killing, there are many techniques for defence and assault. Another defence technique apart from sidescraping is called hulldown. Hulldown tactics are quite selfexplanatory, but the primary use of this technique is to cover up your hull, either to minimized the amount of tank you are showing the the enemy, or to show your strong points. Hull down tactics are used by tanks that have a turret that has thick turret armor, bouncy turret armor(extremely sloped turret armor), and/or a large gun mantlet that can eat up shots(means that the gun mantlet can take shot after shot after shot without having the solid armor being penned, meaning no damage taken) The t29, American Heavy Tank, is a very common user of hulldown tactics. At teir 7, having 160mm of armor is considered excellent. The T29's turret amor laughs at that 160mm armor. Having a whopping 279mm of frontal turret armor, this tank is the undisputed king of hulldown tactics. In addition, a very large gun mantlet covers up most of the frontal turret armor, which can increase the thickness to over 300mm of armor. Hull down tactics usually rely on having good gun depression, a strong turret, and a smallish cupola. The IS-3, T29, and T32 all have 2 of the boxes ticked off. The IS-3(JS-3 is you want) has strong turret armor, no cupola at all, but no gun depression. The T29 has strong turret armor, good gun depression, but a largish cupola, and the same with the T32. However, the main principles of hull down are to cover up your hull and expose your turret only to enemies.

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