In World of Tanks, camouflage mechanics govern whether you spot a target or not. It determines whether a tank can see another tank. There are several fields of vision mounted on the tank. One on the back, one on the deck of the tank, the commanders hatch, and the gun itself. If a tank touches one of these fields, then its is spotted. Of course, this isnt as simple as that, this is where the said tank's camouflage come into play, the tank's camouflage will cut down the viewrange of the spotter to a certain percentage. The lower the tank is to the ground, the more camo rating it has. This camo rating can be boosted by camouflage paint, a camouflage net, the skill camouflage and bushes. Buildings will completely camouflage you, but you cant return fire to enemies. However, if a tank drives within 50 meters of you, its is automatically spotted by your tanks magical radar, regardless if theres a building.  Your camouflage rating is reduced when you are moving(by 50%) unless you are a light tank. Light tanks retain their camoflage even when moving. When you fire, your camo rating drops drastically, depending on the caliber of the gun.  This makes your tank incredibly easy to spot. But there is a way to avoid this.  Bushes, when you get close to it, are opaque. This means it will provide camouflage and you can see through it, but when you fire your gun, it becomes invisible, allowing enemies to spot you. However, if you back up 15 meters away from the bush, it will be solid. This means you can fired your gun without giving your position. Of course, your own camoflage rating still drops, meaning you can be still spotted, but now it is much much harder to do so. Enemy tanks, when spotted, will stay spotted for a few more seconds even if the spotter dies. The maximium spotting range is 445 meters. This is useful when a enemies camoflage rating is too high to be spotted if your viewrange is 450, but can be spotted if the viewrange is, say, 500. Remember, the camouflage rating is a percentage, not a number. So, say a spotters view range is 400, if a tanks camo rating is 25%, it will prevent the spotter from seeing it until its within 300 meters away from it.(this can also be changed by bushes and other factors). Spotting, is useful to both you and your team because it give your team something to shoot at, and because you can get credits and exp when your ally's shoot the targets you are lighting up(50% exp and credits earned compared to doing the acual damage)this spares you from wasting ammunition(ammo does cost money!)


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