Hey people today I'll be talking about light tanks of all kind. Light tanks are usually very lightly armored and very fast. Their guns are usually terrible and should not be used often. Instead, you should use your speed and maneuverability to avoid taking damage and help your team scout out the enemy tanks. A prime example of a scout is the Elc AMX, a French teir 5 light tank. It is very fast, and can dodge most shells due to its very low profile. Another good example of a good scout is the Panzer 1c, a German teir 3 light tank. This tank is one of the fastest tanks in the game. It can reach speeds up to 76 kilometers per hour. Its gun is also nothing to scoff at. It is commonly used by people who drop from high teirs because of its good speed combine with a adequate gun and decent armor for a light tank. The few light tanks like the AMX 40, the Panzer IIJ and Valentine are the more slow and heavily armored light tanks. they are considered psuedo-heavy tanks because of their thick armor. The Panzer IIJ at teir 3, has a frontal armor of 80; a insane figure for a teir 3. Most teir 3's are lucky to even have 30-40 millimeters of armor. Moving back to most light tanks, tanks like the bt-7 are lightly armored and should avoid being shot at. Light tanks are not recommended to fight with other tanks directly because of their terrible armor. Light tanks are usualy scouts because they can retain their camouflage values even when moving.  This means they are less likely to be spotted even while moving. Thats it for this time and next week we'll be covering medium tanks. See you guys next time.


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