Hi guys, I'm finally back and today I'll be talking about the more recent game I've been playing. Its called World of Tanks, or for short: WOT. This game is quite a fun game and I would reccommend it for anyone who likes tanks, shooting or both. The game involves a lot of strategy and is basically a online multiplayer 3rd person shooter game. The basic controls are simple enough, w, a, s, d, and mouse. The wasd controls move the tank while the mouse moves the camera and the turret of the tank(if it has one). There are hundreds of tanks in the game including premium tanks(bought by money tanks) and ordinary tanks(researched through playing games). These tanks are divided into 10 teirs: 1 - 10. Each tanks is divided into one of those teirs and mas its own matchmaking(because it'd be unfair if a overpower teir 10 fought a teir 1). Teir 1's usually get teir 1 matches but sometimes will get into teir 2 matches. Teir 2's will get into teir's 2, 3, 4 matches where the highest teir yo will face in a teir 4 match will be teir 4's, and so on. Some tanks will however, get scout matchmaking or easier match making. For example, the teir 4 german light tank:PzKpFw 38t na will get scout match making, meaning it can potentially face up against tier 8's. This is because it is a scout and is only supposed to scout out enemy positions and report them for the bigger guns to take them down. Other tanks like the teir 4 French heavy tank the B1 will get into teir's 4 and 5 matches. Teir 10 tanks will only get teir 10 matchs because they are the maximium teir, they can however meet teir 8 tanks that have teir 10 match making. The tanks are based off WWII tanks and only have German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, American, French, and British tanks, each of which have its own unique traits. For example, higher teired German heavy tanks are tall and heavy such as the Maus, The heaviest and tallest tank in the game. Each tank has its own research tree and can basically be upgraded with better parts like upgradeing the engine can increase acceleration and upgrading the gun can increase damage, penetration, rate of fire, accuracy, DPM(damage per minute), and/or aiming time. Remenber that upgrading the gun and turret can reduce some stats, but increase others. The tanks research tree is researched by experience and free experience. These are earned by participating in battles. However, only free experience can be used to research tanks that aren't next in line of the tank you wish to research for the next tank. In addition, free experience is hard to earn, so use it carefully. Well thats it for this week and ill see you guys later. 

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