Today my mom and dad told me we were going to the Great Wall of China and that it was very cold. So I dressed in very thick clothing and even put on a extra hat, a mask, and an extra layer of pants. They also said that we were changing hotels, so I had to pack up my stuff. Then we called a taxi to take us there. I used my tablet on the ride there while everybody else slept. The Great Wall was below freezing temperatures. However, it was too dry to snow so the wall wasn't very hard to walk along, but there were a couple of steep slopes. The 8 towers we went to either had acourtyard, a tunnel, or was closed. We walked over to the 8th watchtower while taking pictures along the way. When we got to said watchtower, we rested and then tried to find the shuttle cars, which were supposed to take us down, only to find that they were closed for the season. So we walked over to the 4th watch tower where there was a sliding train that went down. The sliding train said it went to 'bear lands'. But it went down so we bought the tickets and some food and went down. My face was so cold that when we got down, my sister said that my lips were purple. Luckily I had a hand warmer and quickly warmed my face and hands up. Then we had to find the parking lot we originally started at so we walked to the nearest parking lot, got lost, and asked for directions. Then while we were walking to our parking lot, my aunt bought me and my sister a hot drink because we were thirsty and we only had a bottle of practically frozen water. I got a strawberry milk tea while my sister and my aunt got lemon tea. The strawberry milk tea tasted like hot strawberry milk with pieces of strawberry jelly in it. Then we boarded the taxi and went to some kings tomb ( I think it was the dragon king or something). I didn't go and instead stayed on the taxi and played video games until they got back. Then we drove to our new hotel, which was called Hulong inn(you probably never heard of it). It took a while to find because the inn was not on the maps, was in a alley, and it was night time. When we got there, we then just played video games, watched tv and read books until everybody else gradually went to sleep. I fell asleep later then them because I wanted to read a really interesting book.

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