I woke up at around 8 in the morning and was told to dress in warm clothing because it was very cold, close to freezing temperatures. After I finished dressing, we ate the instant noodles while watching tv. Then we walked over to the Forbidden City and went in to tour the place using the electronic guide. We walked thought a lot of spots like the gate of heavenly peace and imperial garden or something like that. My feet were really sore from walking every where after we finished touring. My parents kept on wanting to see a specific place that was most likely closed. After that we went to a nearby hill called coal hills where the last ming emporer committed suicide. It looked way better then the Forbidden city. Then we went to a restauraunt and ate beijing zha jiang mien(fried sauce noodle if you directly translate it). Then we went to a lakeside and looked at the ice and the ice rink. We originally wanted to go in but decided not to because it was expensive. There was also a playground on the ice. We also saw a person swimming in the ice. He didn't even look remotely cold. We walked over to another restauraunt to eat because we were hungry. The place was filled to the brim with people and the waiter told us we needed to wait another hour or more so we walked around, sightseeing until a hour passed. Then we went back to the restauraunt and found out that about 2 more hours were needed before we could get a seat. So we decided to walk back to the hotel. Along the way we passed by a roast duck restauraunt. We changed our minds about not eating and went in. The food wasn't that bad, but it took a long time until it was served. It took half an hour for a dish of broccoli to be served. The roast duck however, was a rip off. 2/3s of the duck was absent and we were told that it was used to make soup for us. When we got the soup, it had no meat, not even little scraps of it, as if they picked out all the meat. When we asked why there was no meat in the soup, we were told that it was taken out of the soup. My dad got really angry at this. After the meal we went back to our hotel. Then I just played games, watched tv, and read books until I fell asleep.

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