Magic The Gathering is a card game that I think is fun.
The first thing you need to play it is that you need a deck
I recommend using a intro deck for beginners(find where
they sell it on
. After that you need to learn the rules of Magic The Gathering

The most basic thing is you need mana, mana is the source
of your spells and creatures. Mana comes from basic land
there a 5 types of mana: White, Green, Blue, Red, and Black,each represent somthing:

 White is the color of law, order and structure. The sprawling plains, 
ppopulated by soldiers, clerics, and angels, provide white mana. you
send coordinated armies of smaller creatures into battle to teach a
enemy a lesson.

Green magic is about growth, life, and brute force. The forest overflow
with green mana, which represents the pulse of nature. You enpower
you creatures with the predator might of nature and dominate through 
sheer size.

Red magic erupts with fire, frenzy, and storms of rock and lava. Red 
mana comes from the mountains and volcanoes. you act quickly and
recklessly, channeling your wild emotions to summon mighty dragons
or to crush the ground your enimies walk on.

Black magic is about death, disease, and power at any cost. Black mana 
comes from dank swamps,where things fester and rot. you are as selfish
and twisted as the undead creatures and unspeakable horrors you

Blue magic relies on trickery and manipulation. Islands provide blue
mana, the color of the deep sea and the endless sky. You work behind
the scenes, controlling  your environment completely before making a 

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