On the third day we first had breakfast which was bread and tea again.
Then we went to this weird place on the other side of the lake which was
a play place which we spent 2 hours playing there included 3 places:
a really easy maze, a obstacle course and a slide all were made of balloons.
I liked the obstacle course best on the thilde i decided to do a barrel roll
on it and jump down on the second time. Then we had to go to a place
and learn stuff then we bought popsicles and walked back to our camp
area to find that our tent flooded a bit and some of the eating area had
blown away. Then we ate dinner and went to change clothes in a rest room
 then we went in our tents and were called into the building because
some of the tents had fallen. We had to sleep on the ground on a super
thin matress it was about half a centimeter thick and had no pillows nor 
bankets although some used their jackets as blankets.  I stayed awake 
because my sister had taken over when I steched a bit to get confortable
,I stayed awake until my sister rolled the other way but by that time it was
3:00 or so before I acually fell asleep. 


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