The chapter starts off by Peekay winning 2 boxing matches in a row while he is the youngest kid in his form. In a short amount of time his friend Morrie then begins to grasp the niceties of of boxing and developed the albility to predict what the opponents are going to do, which could also allow them to earn a large amount of money on betting. Within the first 2 years they had a lot of money and had it stored in a bank. Then they created a loaning system for the student at their boarding school and called it the 'Boarders Bank,'. Then Peekay reached the third form and won on a regular basis, which gave him a exaggerated reputation as a boxer. When summer arrived the black people could come out and watch him box. Morrie was quick to realize  the potential of them and made them sing to watch Peekay box. Peekay had started to have a habit of winning because of his teachings. He recieved letters from his family and wrote back regularly. The Earl of Sandwich Fund had started to spread and Mrs. Boxall was elected to be Chairwoman for 7 different groups. Shortly afterwards Peekay and Morrie set up a betting booth for who will be Sinjun's People, they earned around 160 pounds beacuse they had so much, thay each took 10 ponds for the holidays and sent the rest to their bank.


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