Today, the heavy tanks will be introduced. Heavy tanks are the main fighting force, able to take lots of hits.
The main characteristics of a heavy tank is its heavy armor and weight coupled up with a decent gun. 
However, some heavy tanks like the Caernarvon are more suited to sniping due to the accuracy of their guns
along with their thinner armor. These heavies usually are 2nd line support tanks(they can be frontliners though)
Most heavy tanks are slow because of their weight and therfore ususally go where most enemy tanks go.
Heavy tanks should also avoid open areas because artillery can destroy its health. Heavy tanks can resort
to a different tactic most other types to tanks can't use effectivly: ramming. Becasue of their heavy weight
and thick armor, they can do a lot of damage ramming lighter tanks. Also, it should be noted that while heavy
tanks have thick armor, it can still be penetrated, which is why angling is recommended when you are
playing heavy tanks. Some tanks though, like the IS-7 have thin side armor should not be angled because of
its thin side armor. Others, like the Tiger 1, should be angled at around 45 degrees because of the relatively 
same thickness of armor on both the front and side.

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