I woke up and began packing up my things because tody was the day we had to go back home. After finishing packing I played my tablet until my mom came back with breakfast. When she got back, we ate the food she brought back: A wierd type of bread, a sweetish bun, and a nasty tasting pancake. Then we went to the airport via subway. When we checked in, we realized that they had only given us 1 ticket instead of 2 per person. They said to go to Hong kong to get the second one. So we boarded our plane to Hong Kong. The plane ride was boring, 3 hours of nothing except for wierd music. Then after the plane ride, we went and got our 2nd ticket to Taipei, which they said that the tickets were printed out too late to give it too everyone initally. The security was tighter than normal and the metal detector was acting wierd. It acted to everything metal. My watch, my moms ring, and my aunts watch were all beeped. After a hour of going through the security checks we finaly got to our gate. Then we boarded the plane. The plane was the same as the 1st plane when we came to Beijing. TV screen, video game controller and what nots. The plane ride lasted untill 7 in the night. Then we went and got our luggage and went to a shuttle bus where it took us to the  long term parking place. Then we got our car and went home.

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