Today I woke up early and started using my tablet for about half an hour until my dad woke up. My mom was outside with my aunt, probably shopping.  when they got back we took the subway to the Summer Palace. We got a tour guide to show us the palace. Said place was very big and boring. My mom would translate what the tour guide said. All I caught was that some king made this place for his wives apparently. The plants there were all leaveless and the entire place was cold so we couldn't see any trees with color(except for evergreens). The only cool part of the tour was the frozen lake and the tunnels. Then after touring the entire place we bought some food and went back to the subway where me and my sister went back to the hotel and the adults went to go tour a school. They originally wanted us to go with them but we persuaded them to let us go back to the hotel. The way back was relatively easy, except when we couldn't find the correct exit. When we got to the hotel, we ate a couple oranges and played on our tablets until they came back. They came back a few hours earlier than we expected, only to give us some spicy chicken. It tasted pretty good. Then they went out again to go to another random place again. Then my sister went back to her room while I watched tv and used my tablet. Then after a few hours my mom and dad came back with some sort of pancake with meat in it. My dad quickly fell asleep, then my mom and I went to Mc. donalds to get some food. We brought it back to eat with the rest of us. Then after we finished, we went to sleep. 

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