I woke up and immediately had to get up, get dressed, and leave to go to the airport with my family and aunt. The ride there was really just consisted of practically everybody sleeping. When we got to the airport, about at 7:30 in the morning, we had to check in for a flight to Hong Kong. My dad didn't want to toss in his luggage into the baggage storage thing, stating that he didn't want to wait at the baggage claim. So we went though the security checks and all that stuff, then my dad and I walked over to the gate to rest while the females went shopping. We waited for a hour before regrouping and begin boarding the plane. The plane had a tv screen and a controller per seat and had lots of games and movies. I managed to crash 2 tvs before the 3 hour long plane ride ended. We exited the plane and immediately went to go find our gate to Beijing. We got there in half a hour and slept until it was time to board the next plane. The next plane only had a mp3, so I just went to sleep because I was tired. When I woke up, we were at the airport. It was night time when we got there. We walked to our hotel, which was called Day's inn, dumped our stuff, and went to the nearest night market. The first shop we saw sold scorpion on a stick. Live scorpions. I wanted to puke when I saw them wriggling around. Then we walked past them and saw a lot of stuff to eat. We got some sourish yogurt, egg pancake, and lots of other food. Some of of it tasted good while others tasted bad. one of them acually made it feel like I was eating dirt. Then we went back to our hotel to ask how the internet at the inn worked. We also bought a couple cups of instant noodles for tommorows breakfast and also for a snack. After asking and connecting to the internet, we went back to our hotel room. The instant noodles were very spicy so I kept on coughing from the spicyness because I ate too fast. After that we watched TV, played our phones/tablets, and ate some other snacks and then went to sleep.

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