Today I made the finishing touches of my shotgun. Some people say it
is not a shotgun but forget that problem. I'm starting a new category
called guns it will have 5 posts through the days.

This time I made the shotgun. It has a hatch for bullets(mind you it 
does NOT shoot so don't even ask),movable pump and a stock for your

This gun shouldn't have a scope, but I added a scope just for fun.I will
not post pic because I don't have a camera. I'm very sorry about that.
It has a sizeable handle, but it's handle is perfect to me. I learned how
to make this shotgun by youtube:

How to make a paper Shotgun part 1:

How to make a Paper Shotgun Part 2
How to make a paper shotgun part 2:
 How to make a aper shotgun part 2

How to make apaper shotgun part 3:

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