Today I woke up at 9:00 am and went to my dads new office. There I had
to do lots of wierdo mumbo jumbo stuff. Then went to eat lunch. Lunch was
very disgusting so I kinda skipped it ;sort of. It was noodles with mushroom and
tomatoes and I hate mushroom and tomatoes. Then after 2:00 we went
back to the office to go back to work, which i did lots more inlinks until it was
5:00PM which I started playing computer. I played halo trial combat evolved
and watched youtube. On halo I played a server called Xserver #2 which was
a sniper server. It was a classic ctf no shields game Health :50% which means
you die with one head shot of a pistol or 1 shot of a sniper bullet. On you tube
I watched halo 3 walkthough episode 25 ~ 34. Then at 7:00 we went home
then we had to go to the eye doctor to get my contact lenses , which took
like 2 hours then we went home and went to sleep

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