A few days ago I went to this boyscout camp. We had to get on the bus at 7:00 sharp.
on the bus we ate the few snacks me, my sister, and my cousin had. Then we stopped
at a resting  area to get a bathroom break and along the way my sister took a lot of pictures
like jellyfish and trout and a sting ray. Then we went back on the bus. When we went 
on the bus we just slept for a few hours. Then we came to another resting area to buy

We bought 2 servings of fried noodles and 1 serving of soup, which we shared with each
other after we got on the bus we ate our lunch. Then we got there and got off the bus
and played tag while the counselor went to go report in. Then some of us played cards
and the others did nothing.

Then at about 2:00 PM the counselor showed us around the place; we were at a lake in
高順;he showed us where to fill up our water bottles and where to get bottles of water
and where the main performance area is. He also showed us the bathrooms. Then he
told us to go to sleep. 

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