Yesterday was a good day. I woke up at 7:00 and ate breakfast which was oatmeal.
then me and my sister went to school. I had a flag ceremony and for the clean up
awards my class got first place on all of the weeks. After that we started class.

The first class was Chinese. I have my Chinese class at the A.V room, which is at the
second floor on the old building. It is next to the office. The next class was Humanities
, which we mostly had free time.

The next class was com[uter, it is our favorite time of the day. Because of this we run
as fast as we can to the computer room. Our computer room is called Computer room 3.
 It is between the computer room 2 and the Music room. We usually can get there 5 seconds
after the bell finished, which the bell lasts for about 24 seconds. Our teacher Mr. Spock
is the best teacher ever. He almost always lets us play computer for the entire classtime.
The only problem was there was a subsitute teacher, but she still let us play for the entire
classtime. Except we have to be quiet. I played Halo Trial Combat Evovled. It is a shooting
game, I played a Capture The Flag game with some friends in Halo, but we didn't try to
capture the flag, instead we started to kill each other. I played with Alan and here was its
pattern:I kill Alan a few times, he gets revenge and kills me back, and I slaughter him back
a few times , and he blows me sky high and so on. At one point George comes rushing into
a cave that contains me and Hong  holding a flame thrower and he opens fire and I managed
to kill him with a few grenades and Alan rushes in and kills me. So George went in and took
over along with Alan and thats when I went to the cave's ledge and threw in two grenades
and killed them both and I stepped on Alans body when he got blasted out.

Then we had  this stupid thing called EQ and after that we had a party. A pizza party acually,
we had a great time eating slices of pizza and drinking Coke. then we had Math,Humanities
and finally Chinese Social Studies, which we just watched a video. then I went home and did
my stuff.



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