Today I woke up at 8:00 and fell asleep after a while, which was about five to ten minutes. Then I woke
up completely and went up to the fourth floor and found out that my annoying sister had hidden my stuff
so I spent a hour or so trying to find them. After a while I found most of them except for one of them, which
my sister said was the hardest to find. Finally after a few minutes I gave up and went down to eat my
breakfast; the breakfast was this type of bread from Costco. Then I, my mom, and my sister went to go
shopping. We bought plenty of snacks including: gum, Pringles, raisins, yogurt covered raisins, we also
bought two backpacks. Then we went home and then my dad said that the window screen fell into
the field of rice and that we had to go get it. The bad news was there were no boots because we 
accidentally left it at my grandma’s house or so my mom says so, so we had to wear plastic bags which
made us look very stupid. The mud was really soft so we sank a bit into the mud; the really bad part was
when we were going home the bags broke so I had to walk bare footed back. then we took a bath, but
because my sister wanted the third floor bathroom and I took it she took apart one of my nerf gun and
scatter all the bullets and part and I totally freaked out then my dad said that my sister had to find all
the stuff which she failed to do so; she failed to find one of the darts. Then I started reading when my 
dad went to take my sister to her art class and before he left he said that I had to write a blog on this blog
and the other blogs. He also said that in this blog I had to write about five hundred or so words in this blog.
He also said that I could listen to music. Then I finished the other blogs and I’m writing this blog except that I
have to change song every once and a while.


Today I woke up at 7:00 and got dressed for school, my sister was already dressed and stuff and
was cooking the breakfast because she went to china to play. 
Then my dad drove us to school.
The first class was hunmanities, which we had a spelling test. The next class was Chinese, we 
learned some words. Then I went to science class, and then we had library class, which we of course 
just read. Then we ate lunch, which was eggs and bread. The next class was math, and then Physical
education which is more commonly called P.E. During P.E we played kickball, then there was a cleanup
time  after that we had a class called Chinese social studies, also known as C.S.S. we watched 
a movie for the whole class. Then we were dismissed at 4:10 which I went to my roller-skating
class, which lasted up to 6:00. Then my dad picked me up and drove me home. Then we had 
dinner which was noodles then my dad went to sent my sister to her singing class I used the 
computer to write the blogs

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