arcadeprehacks is the site you would probalbly wantpicture 1.JPGpicture 2.JPG

this guy will make you protect the volcano

picture 3.JPGpicture 4.JPGpicture 5.JPGpicture 6.JPGpicture 7.JPG

you defend by clicking the dark green space and on the top is has a weapon you the
one you want.

picture 8.JPG

and the after that oh and the lava peices you have to click on it its money

picture 9.JPG

it will get harder you can upgrade by clickin the one you want to upgrade click the one on the top of
the place and it will upgrade

picture 10.JPG

attack ok? don't trust her

picture 11.JPG

just go on the same

picture 12.JPG

obey her

picture 13.JPG

fight on and do he same stuff

picture 14.JPGpicture 15.JPG

picture 16.JPGpicture 17.JPGpicture 20.JPG 

after a while you fight the boss and he dies later so now you are done with the game
basicly you are done then you are dissmissed

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