When I went to the power farm I had NO IDEA it would be SO BORING.Here's how it was:
First we went on the bus with a lot of snacks.I'm tellin' ya A LOT of snacks. It was a good start
but the problem was it was raining so it would be better if it DIDN'T rain. so on the bus we watched
Alvin and the chipmunks 3.it was ok when we got there we had a cloth tie dye thingy.

Then we had a water fight but it wasn't actually a water there was a well that sprays water we got turns
to spray each other I didn't get wet because ihad a rain coat on(the type that would be like a dress to me)
then we got our cloth tie dye thingy back mines was practically white then we went back on the bus and ate
remainings of our snacks when we got back to school my mom drove us home.
pretty boring right?
I guess im out of space so its:
                      The End\





5/14 + 5/20


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