today was MIDTERMS!!!it was a BORING day i tell you! first class we studied for humanities the test was SUPER HARD so ONLY nerds thought it was we studied for our CHINESE TEST(my weakness).it was HARDER than the humities test i HATED it!!!!!!!!anyway next we had lunch i had sasages,rice,meatballs and some white thingys when i was eatind my last peice it was SPICY AND WEIRD TASTING so i had to drink a LOT of water next we had study period AGAIN!!!!!!!!!it was for C.S.S some girls snooped and looked at my grade and then squealed it to me so i said"stop snooping into other people's tests!"cause hey were looking at EVERYONE test.Besides i did not like to be disturbed when we were supposed to watch a discovery channel that was about the biggest dam ever:three gorges dam. it was intresting.then was clean up time my job was public area our public area was the stairs i tell you it is not fun today it had TWO TIMES more than regular and we had to sweep the stairs FIVE TIMES in FIFTEEN was ANOTHER STUDY PERIOD.this study period was for math mr. campbell said if we were quiet for half an hour we could leave 2 minutes early so we were quiet then we had a quessing game i was one of the last ones to leave.then on the bus nothing then at my dads office i read some bone books and then we went to eat and finally i went home and did a blog.


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