system:a type of group of parts that work together as a unit

stability:meansover timethe changes in the system canel each other.
ex.if something is added, it is later taken out.

ecosystem:groups of living things and the environment they live in.
ex.insects and small plants are probably the only one easy to see things that live in a hard place such as concrete parking lot.

population:a group  of the same living thing in the same place and the same time.
ex.trout, fish .

community: made up of all populations that live in the same area.
ex.squirrel and deer

habitat:an environment that meets the needs of an organism.

niche:role,in their habitat
ex.producer, consumer and decomposer

producer: a plant or animal that makes its own food.
ex.algae,blueberry bush

consumer:eat other animals for survival

decomposer:feeds on wastes of plants and animalsor ontheir remains after they die
ex bacteria, organisms

energy pyramid:shows how much food is passed from one organism to another along a food chain.
ex.nuts to squirrels to snakes to owls

food web:A diagram that shows how these food chains conect and overlap
ex.berries to deer to bear.

climate:the average weather of a place

diversity:variety, of plants and animals.
ex.rain forests

saltiny:the amount of salt in the water.
ex. mangrove swamp

intertidal zone:a narrow strip along the shore that is covered with water during high tides.
things that live there ex.plants and animals

near-shore zone:starts at the low tide mark and goes out into the ocean.

open ocean zone:the deepest part of the ocean.
ex.giant clam


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