A couple weeks ago I made a facebook account and in facebook I made a
rockyoupets account.A few weeks later my classmate stephanie helped
me make a happy aquarium account.Right now i'm level three in happy
aquarium and level seven in rockyoupets.In happy aquarium I have a
population of six fish,two are clown fish,one is a butterfly fish,thats all I
remember.I also have three freinds counting me stephanie, cindy,and me
jerry.Cindy in happy aquarium is level two and none of her fish know tricks,
I myself some know two some know one.In rockyoupets i'm pretty good at battling
with other pets.I am also good at racing pets which I mostly get first or second
.and I walk my pet daily always my pet is a cute dog called jerry and is brownish
and has light brown spots or i'd say it's cute but you might imagine it's ugly.
my freinds in rockyoupets are jennifer,ivy,cindy,and stephanie.their pets are
a dog,a bunny,a dog and a dog I think. most of them are very dirty so
I keep my pet away from them so he won't catch cooties.my pet always smiles
and jumps when it gets huged.he can now eat sushi and can stand against
super soap(some items such as super soap or sushi are level limited
their level limit is your pet has to be level five or up i'm level seven).


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