first when you get a explorer of time the game has to scan your aura and will ask you many questions
and then they will say what pokemon you are.Then your jorney as a pokemon begins.First you came
the future and was going to the past in a demensional hole, but suddenly darkrai(the master of the
game)tried to attack your future parter, but to my astonishment you sheild your future parter
,Groyvle,that attach some how turned you to a pokemon and almost making you almost
faint then you started to lose grip of groyvle.Groyvle tried to grab you back but he failed so you and
Groyvle went separated ways you(who used to be a human)fell into the beach and Groyvle fell
to the eastern foerest.

then another partner joined you and you joined a exploration team a long time later time was
geting messed up and you and your parter had to battle bad and famous duskinoir and his
saleby with your partner and Groyvle(an amazing thing:Groyvle only saw one sunset in
his entire life be cause in the future there was NO TIME).when you had gotten to the top of temperal
tower you had to BATTLE PRIMAL DIALGA whitch means dark dialga.If you defeat him your partner put
the time gears in the slots and time would flow peacefuly.Then when you departed from the temperal
tower you thought that your own disaperence was starting.Your last word were good bye you also
said"I'm afraid I have to say goodbye,I am very lucky to have you be my freind.".Then when you
disapeared your poor partner cried he got down by using the rainbow stoneship
during the ride he said"I have to get back to tresure town safely because that was my partners wish."

after a long time later you two graduated and started living at sharpedo bluff(your partners home).
the thing you had to get was a perfect apple from the luimous sping.Its the place where pokemon
envolve about a few days later palkia came to sharpedo bluff and said you and your partner were
causing disoration of space if it keeps on expanding the world will be enveloped in a nightmare.
Then he took you to spaical rift after you got though that dungeon you have to defeat him.
after you defeat him a illusion cresselia which is actually darkrai goes to palkia's dream and says
that you and your partner need to disapear then the real cresselia came and scared of darkrai
but then he said" I'll meet you at dark crater pit"

then you went there he asks you to join him you can either say:........... or I refuse! if you say no
 you will battle him 3 V.S 7 darkrai was with aggron,ryperior,arbok,magainius,magmortar,magacargo vs
you,your partner,and cresselia. If you deafeat him he will try to escape by using a demensional hole
but Palkia stoped him by shattering the dimensional hole.

three day's later manaphy came and joined your team and you can do stuff freely





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